Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone and all best wishes for the writing. I’ve recently been on a trip to Paris and started a few short stories and sat around looking at stuff to put in the Paris scenes in my novel. Obviously, a bit of Christmas shopping was done and galleries were visited. The Mona Lisa seems to have been moved since my last visit but most people had their back to it taking selfies. The picture with dogs doesn’t seem to be in the same place, Julia, but I found myself looking for other dogs in other pictures in the room. Surprisingly, there was a Jack Russel type dog scrounging beneath the table in the Last Supper which is interesting and pretty typical of dogs. Has any applied to the Jerwood/Arvon mentoring scheme? It looks wonderful. I have to say I’m still inspired by our course. Wasn’t it just brilliant? Anyway, good luck for 2015. I hope someone posts some work here soon. I keep looking but I feel I’m gazing into a mirror. Xx Amanda


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s entering 2015 feeling refreshed and inspired.

    Your Paris trip sounds good, Amanda. I’ll look out for that dog next time I see a picture of the Last Supper – I never noticed it before.

    I met up with a friend who’d been on an Arvon course the week before ours, we talked nothing but Arvon and writing for two solid hours! They really seem to have hit on a winning formula. I’m hoping to give the Jerwood scheme a go, although the application process is a bit intimidating and as usual I’ve left it to the last minute.

    Now things are a little less hectic I’m hoping to catch up with the extracts and things people have posted here. Sorry it’s taken so long!


    • I hope your novel is going well, and hope to read an extract at some point. I still have a strong image of your model village. I’m on a train trying to write a flash based on a weird dream but two women are talking about food which is disconcerting because i haven’t eaten in hours. I’ve posted the application today which is odd because I usually miss deadlines. Yes, the personal statement and biog were a nightmare. Tricky deciding what approach to take, what to leave in or out. I hope one of us gets on it. Im going to post this now, the wifi appears to be on at last. Amanda


  2. Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a great break. I’m still rattling away at the keyboard and now have about 47,000 words of the first draft of
    my novel completed, to the detriment of my poor, neglected husband…

    The Jerwood scheme does look good, I’ll try and give it a go myself.

    I’ll post some writing up here when I have something vaguely cogent.

    Gill xx


    • Sounds like you’re doing brilliantly, Gill!
      I’ve ground to a halt with the novel. I think it’s because my first draft was written in first person, which I like, and Susan’s advice was to change it to 3rd and I find the process of doing that boring. But at the same time, I want to take her advice. I’m not sure I really thrashed it out with her sufficiently to believe in the advice. Perhaps, if I posted two extracts one in first person and and another in third, people might give me some idea which they think works better and I’d be more convinced.
      Looking forward to reading yours, soon, I hope! Good luck with your application. Get it sent off today, if you haven’t already.

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