Just wondered how everyone is getting on with their novels – fully expecting no one to reply to be honest but since the website pops up on my wordpress menu it’s too tantalising to ignore.


15 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hi Amanda, hope you’re well. The whole thing has taken me much longer than I realised it would! I’ve just finished the fourth draft of my novel, and need to have at least one more go at it before it’s finished, hopefully this summer. Then I’ll try and see if it can make its way in the world…


  2. Hello! Thanks, Amanda – it was good to see this blog pop back up on my list. I’m still working away. I was hoping to get the novel finished last year but ended up getting married instead. These weddings take an awful lot of planning! Still, it was a great day and well worth putting nearly everything else on hold for a while. But the writing urge never quite goes away…

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  3. Thanks for asking, Gill. I’m on the last run of edits on my novel – although I could keep going forever no doubt. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Jim would be reading at Chichester Uni where I did my MA, and so I thought, ok let’s make that a deadline, sort of, you know get it over and done with. So I think i might mosey over there and say hello to him – see if he remembers. A bit weird of me though.


    • Hi Gill,
      Lovely to hear from you. Congratulations! It’s a long haul. I haven’t seen those but I have been in touch with agents from both agencies with my last novel. I’m about to finish off the latest novel very soon, so I too might be on the hunt, although I don’t think it’s going to be saleable so I’m not raising my hopes. Have you any particular agents in mind?
      Amanda x


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